Where is Whitney Now? takes the reader through the arduous twelve year journey of caregiver Don Cramer. As he cares for his treasured wife – both of their lives are slowly erased by the unrelenting steamroller of early onset Alzheimer’s. Whitney was only 57 when she was diagnosed.

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IFit hasn’t happened already, it will soon: In the coming years you will be touched by someone in your circle of friends or family who will have some form of dementia – the umbrella diagnosis for Alzheimer’s – or someone you know will become a caregiver for a loved one who suffers from it. Everyone involved will need your support, understanding and love to get through this cruelest of diseases. By sharing the story of our journey, it is my hope that the caregiver, in particular, will gain insight, find useful information, and perhaps glean some comfort that he or she is not alone in shouldering the bewildering responsibilities that this role brings.

A warm, wonderful, and loving book. It draws you in and then touches you in a way we all need to be touched. If you haven’t had to deal with this kind of challenge, you can be certain that one day you will. This book will help you through it.

Hear Don on Dr. Millers’ Conversations with Extrordinary People Radio Show.

~ Dr. Emmett Miller, MD
I planned to take 20 minutes to read a few pages of your manuscript yesterday and ended up 4 hours later having read the whole thing! It’s an amazing story that will help millions of people better understand life with Alzheimer’s, and how to cope with it.
~Bruce Carruth PhD

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